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Top Mexican Candy You need to try

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

We all have a sweet tooth that needs satisfaction at some point.

We at Taqueria Los Jarritos want to give you the basics of satisfying that candy need.

First, American candy is packed with sugar and added flavoring that gives everyone that needed adrenaline which then leads to you crashing 2 hours later in front of your tv or computer.

We're here to help you navigate the Mexican candy ( dulces Mexicanos) world, which is less sugar filled and more spicy candy, flavored oriented. We've compiled a list, and checked it maybe five times, to encourage you navigate the spicy candy products from Mexico that you need to try that range from mild spicy to super sweet.

  1. Vera Mango

  • This is a spicy lollipop that incorporates a mango flavor toped with red chilly. This spicy Mexican candy is a favorite amongst Mexican teens and kids that you'll find in any Mexican store near you.

2. Rebanaditas Lollipops or Paletas

  • These Mexican sweet lollipop is a childhood staple for any Mexican either here in America or Mexico. These sweet lollipops are Watermelon flavored hard candy with spicy chili powder that are amazingly sweet and are great for trick-or-treaters or any party candy bag.

3. Mazapan or De La Rosa Mazapan

  • This Mexican snack is another household staple you need to try. It's a delicious traditional Mexican sweet made with only two ingredients: crushed peanuts & some sugar. It's so simple and healthy. Go ahead & Enjoy this Mexican sweet.

4. Gansitos

  • This Mexican snack is the equivalent to Twinkies, everyone in Mexico loves and eats these at some point in their lives. This isn't a Mexican candy, but it wouldn't be a good list if we didn't include this Mexican dessert. This "snack/dessert" is filled with Strawberry Jelly cream, covered with chocolate sprinkle toppings and put together in a soft bread base. There are people who eat it frozen and others just as it comes. Which Mexican gansito version are you?

5. Duvalin

  • This sweet candy is the penultimate Mexican candy and sweet everyone eats. Most people usually eat these after a long school day, football match, or after a meal. It's a great idea to use for any party or Halloween bag. Duvalin is very similar to pudding in its consistency and has two flavor options: Hazelnut Vanilla with Chocolate or Hazelnut Vanilla and Strawberry. What makes it a fun tasty treat is that you can mix both flavors to create an even tastier version. It's so good that your biggest decision when eating this candy is do you like the one with chocolate or strawberry flavor?


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