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Top Best Tacos You Need to try

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

We all have our favorite Mexican dish or recipe. Mine is usually a torta de vegetales (veggie torta) that is packed with cheese, tomatoes, chile poblano, aguacate, some lettuce, and chile de vinagre.

Just writing it down makes me want to make a dash for my kitchen and make myself one right now. Some of us are biased about our food, but here at Taqueria los Jarritos, we're entering this controversial ranking topic for your pleasure.

Luckily, you can also just stop by our restaurant on Dyckman in Washington heights for some local delicious tacos nearby.

Our food is delivered to you fresh any time you want to order food.

How can we rank Mexican tacos when all the Mexican food is the best (see my point about being biased)? We'll we tried.

Below are the top 5 tacos you need to try before the summer ends, or maybe before 2020 ends along with some cold jaritos drinks or agua frescas.

1.Tacos de Pollo (tasty chicken with a side of lime)

Three tacos ready to eat
Tacos de Pollo

This is the most popular version since the taste is universal, but the extra lime and Mexican salsa roja or salsa verde will give you joy.

2. Tacos de Res (beef tacos)

Tacos de Res for one person
Tacos de Res

Beef tacos are a level above the tacos de pollo.

Just add cilantro, lime, and some onions to your taco. Have other condiments you may add to your taco?

3. Tacos de Lengua (Beef tongue) - Not for everyone, but the salsa verde adds a good flavor

Tacos de Lengua for a small party
Tacos de Lengua

Beef tongue tacos. Why are we even eating a beef's tongue? who know!

At Los Jarritos we make them for you so that you don't even think about the meat.

4.Tacos de barbacoa (beef tenderloin Tacos)

Barbacoa Tacos
Tacos De Babacoa

Tacos de barbacoa are making a comeback now that Chipotle and Dos Torros are pushing these items as "limited" edition. We don't limit your choices at Los Jarritos at Dyckman.

Delicious al Pastor Tacos
Tacos Al Pastor

We still don't know why the name is "al pastor", but why debate the name? We all know these red sauce tacos has its own special NYC foodie group.


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