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Try These Mexican Hot Drinks

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

The weather is changing dramatically from hot to cold, and we're not just talking global warming, so to help our bodies stay warm this winter here is a list of delicious hot Mexican drinks you need to try this winter.

You really could drink these at any time or season, but it's best for winter because it cultivates a deep, tenderness for your childhood nostalgia.

Atole (Arroz con Leche)

Atole (ah-TOH-leh) is a thick, hearty, maize-based drink where it is consumed at breakfast or for occasions such as the Dia de Los Muertos, Christmas (Navidad), and at funerals.

We prepare it with water, milk, and rice or a combination of both, and it's still made and served in the most traditional way: conches y tamales.

Atole is best with fresh tamales.

At Los Jarritos we make the best tamales NYC has tasted.

Mexican Chocolate (Chocolate)

When the weather gets hella cold, there is no better drink to warm you up than our Mexican hot chocolate made by hand with a molinillo and abuelita chocolate.

We keep our traditional food preparation so you can enjoy the food.

Mexican Champurrado (atole de chocolate)

Champurrado is a chocolate based atole that you'll want to keep drinking for months.

We make our Champurrado with milk so that you have both nutrition and taste.

We use masa harina to give it that smooth taste and add Abuelita chocolate for that a smooth, dark chocolate flavor that you'll love. What goes well with these Mexican breakfast drinks?

Tamales, conchas, or basically anything sweet.

Check out our Los Jarritos Menu for the best tamales nyc never knew about.


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